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To build and maintain an in-depth understanding of the market. To build a network of relevant contacts. To create an approved publication strategy and signing hit list for an assigned portfolio and execute on strategy by acquiring, developing, and publishing commercially attractive new titles, both print and electronic, meeting or exceeding signing and revenue goals each year. To manage a title list to identify revision and adaptation opportunities. To understand the competition and relative strength of own list against competition. As appropriate, to supervise an editorial staff member.

Main Activities and Responsibilities

List Publication Strategy: With appropriate oversight and guidance from Senior Acquisitions Editor/Publisher/Publishing Director, for overall publication program or for each assigned subject list, conduct appropriate market and list research, and devise a 5-year publication strategy that supports the overarching Editorial Team growth/investment strategy. Review and incorporate feedback from Marketing, ensuring alignment and shared understanding of list growth potential and publication strategy.

On at least an annual basis, review publication strategy and update as needed.

Signing Hit List: On an annual basis, create a hit list for title and/or author signings for the year, and maintain throughout the year. Hit list should flow from list publication strategy plan and should reflect growth potential for each assigned list.

Publication Pipeline: Each year (and at RF/budget), review publication pipeline to ensure adherence to list publication strategy and adjust signing hit list accordingly. Maintain an overview of the pipeline for both print and online for a running 3-5 year window.

New Title Signings

Responsible for achieving new project acquisition and revision goals, aligned with hit list and publication strategy.

  • Prepare complete proposal documents for individual projects as appropriate. Guide through appropriate review and internal approval process.

  • Negotiate contracts with author and appropriate changes to project plan from feedback obtained during external and internal review process. Once project is approved, get signed contract returned from author.

  • Achieve or exceed annual signing targets in relevant area and with appropriate mix of product types/topics/revised and new editions.

Publishing Network

  • Build up a network of appropriate and high quality contacts in the relevant area to drive development of publishing programme. Track market developments, including funding trends, competitor activities, new growth areas, areas shrinking in importance. Attend conferences and arrange and attend external meetings as appropriate.

  • Using established network and research of area, continuously expand network of potential authors, advisors, reviewers, and other business partners.

Project Delivery and Revenue Management

Responsible on-time publication of frontlist titles and for revenue and gross margin performance of titles published according to budget/latest reforecast.

  • Negotiate contracts with authors, editors, partners and other parties to ensure best possible net revenue outcome for Elsevier, reviewing terms and progress with content providers during development process as required to ensure on-time delivery of agreed material, and in support of Editorial Project Manager.

  • Oversee cost and timely production of project, reviewing cost/pricing at appropriate moments and working with author/production to reduce costs or production time as needed, in support of Editorial Project Manager.

  • Provide all needed information for marketing and promotion activities as appropriate.

  • Provide all needed information for budget and reforecasting exercises.

  • Meet or exceed on-time publication targets.

  • Meet or exceed revenue/profit targets for frontlist/backlist.

Author Relationship Management

  • Maintain strong relationships with authors and editors, including calling meetings as needed and ensuring author queries and concerns are appropriately handled. Similarly, maintain strong collaborative relationship with outsourcers and other freelance suppliers.

  • Adjust communication style and methods of interacting with authors as appropriate to ensure a positive outcome in terms of product quality, timeliness of publication, and revenue/profit potential.

  • Remain fully informed of publishing developments within Elsevier (books, journals, etc.) and externally that would be of interest to authors, and actively communicate these initiatives as appropriate to become their expert publishing contact and an essential source of intelligence on โ€œwhatโ€™s happening in publishing.โ€

Team Collaboration

Editorial Team member: Attend Editorial Team strategy meetings and give relevant constructive feedback or advice regarding proposals from other AEs. Pass along relevant author/advisor contacts to colleagues in appropriate areas as warranted. Pass along project ideas or proposals to fellow AEs as audience/subject area indicates; where collaboration with another AE would significantly benefit a projectโ€™s market potential, consult fellow AEs for advice or shared acquisitions credit as appropriate.

Sales and Marketing Interaction: Work with Marketing and Sales to promote products and in the development of marketing strategy, marketing plans and the initial drafting of promotional messages (including participation at conferences, trade shows and sales meetings as appropriate).

Production: Partner with Production staff and management with an eye to positive outcome for final book products, in terms of quality/timeliness/cost control of product and satisfactory publishing experience for contributors.

Other: Work collaboratively and professionally with colleagues in S&T Journals Editorial and Marketing, Royalties, Contracts, Finance, Publishing Support, etc.

Staff Supervision

  • As relevant, supervise staff members, providing ongoing coaching, guidance, and appropriate feedback on performance.

  • Conduct annual performance evaluation and development discussions.


Systems and Processes: Ensure that all data in books tracking systems and databases are accurate and up-to-date and that all processes underlying the editorial and publication process are adhered to.

General and Technical Knowledge

  • Excellent self-motivation, multitasking, prioritization, written/verbal communication, negotiation, and people skillsNegotiation skills.

  • Attention to detail, knowledge of in-house IT systems (ability to pick up bespoke IT systems quickly), other MS Office and related software tools, highly adaptable and amenable to process and system changes

Required Education and Experience

  • College degree, 1+ years acquisitions or relevant marketing / sales experience or work experience in relevant signing area required